New Album

This album has been cooked over a low heat at Dudu’s home studio after debut LP Third Creek (Daruma Records, 2011) was released.

During this time, Dudu’s personal life has been quite busy, looking for inspiration while opening his own acupuncture centre and being a first-time dad. Then, it has been hard to find time for those amazing recording journeys.

As result of this, we’ll find fresh and natural takes, as they’ve been performed wearing slippers and without common stressing studio scheduling haste.

The recording has been made using tube preamps and mics to enhance characteristic Dudu The Son warmth, and mastered at Ten Productions (Xasqui Ten) in order to get best possible final sound make up.

The album keeps the songwriter eclectic style, messing up once again pieces of various genres while maintaining an acoustic singer-songwriter background. A new trip that ends in a lullaby about how emotionally puzzling was his son birth and how awesome it’s been everything at the same time. The song gives name to the whole work: Play It Again.